Seed Oil Press Cake

The Seed Oil Press Cake Is Not A Waste Product But A Valuable Asset!

Seed Oil Press Cake What Is It?

The solids remaining after the seed oil has been pressed is called cake and is not a waste product. Seed oil Press cake is an important and valuable part of your business. Cake is asset that can also provide a good income when sold on or used as animal feed or even solid fuel.

Most seed oil processed cake is a good source of energy and protein. Rapeseed Cake can be kept to feed your animals or sold on to other farmers. Sunflower cake is especially valuable since it can be used as high protein high quality feed for dairy cows, livestock and poultry. Flax and Chia can be milled into flour for baking. There is always a good market for the cake, either in the culinary food industry or as an animal feed and even fertiliser.

Seed oil pellets can be used for many

Pellets For Biofuels:

Our KK20 and KK40 seed oil presses output pellets in the final stage. Cake pellets are ideal for use as biofuels and ready for use in biomass boilers, so you could use this yourself  to heat your home or buildings or sell on to customers.

Typical Values For Rapeseed Cake:
  • Energy (MJ/kg) 13.5
  • Raw Protein: 30%
  • Dry Matter: 86%
  • Raw Fibre: 10%
  • Raw Fat: 15%
  • Minerals Ca/P/Na (g/kg): 6.3/10.8/0.1

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